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Dental Implants in Hawthorne, NJ

Woman Smiling - Why Dental Implants Hawthorne, NJ
Man Smiling - Why Dental Implants Hawthorne, NJ

The Benefits of Dental Implants
Many times, clients will ask us why they should endure the expense and process of getting a dental implant instead of dentures in Hawthorne. Dentures are a sensible choice for some patients, and something we do recommend them if the patient is not a good candidate for a dental implant. But there are many benefits of dental implants in Hawthorne, especially for younger patients.

The first and perhaps most important thing to consider is how many teeth are missing from your smile. If you are only missing one or two teeth, you may have to have some of your other teeth removed in order to wear permanent dentures in Hawthorne. For those that are adverse to unnecessary pain, that alone might be a solid reason to opt for implants over dentures.

Next, you must consider the health of your gums and bones. The inactivity of a denture or even a bridge will cause the gums and jawbone to recede, which can create larger gaps and more complicated bone problems. One of the major health benefits of dental implants in Hawthorne is the prevention of this gum and bone loss, due to the abutment post which goes down into the gum to replace the tooth root and stimulate the gums. Implants preserve the structure of the bite, and prevent further crowding and structural damage thereof.


Of course, another important factor to consider is quality of life. Choosing dentures or a bridge means you will have to limit your selection of foods, as some foods, like corn on the cob or hard candy, can cause damage to bridges or dentures in Hawthorne, NJ. Dental implants, conversely, permit the wearers to eat even these potentially high-risk foods. If you have longed to eat as you once were able to, with no restrictions imposed by dental work, dental implants can make that possible. Isn't it time that you invested in your quality of life?


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