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Tooth Replacement in Hawthorne, NJ

Single Tooth Replacement in Hawthorne
You already know that tooth loss affects your speech and chewing. But you may not know that a missing tooth can also cause larger problems inside the mouth, like bone loss.

When a tooth is lost, the bone and gums do not receive the stimulation that they once did. The root of the tooth no longer carries minerals and necessary nutrients down into your gums. This divests the gums, the tissue, and the bones of the life force they require for constant regeneration. Tooth replacement reduces that pernicious trend.

Hawthorne Tooth Replacement Options
A tooth implant in Hawthorne can help to keep your gums and bone from receding. Typically, the tooth implant procedure consists of the following steps.

The implant first gets inserted in the space where the missing tooth once sat. Next, an abutment is put in place to hold the implant in place. This tiny post holds the single tooth implant in Hawthorne, and replaces the tooth's root. This post is inserted into the patient's gums, keeping it perfectly positioned. For most patients, this is where the procedure ends, unless multiple teeth are being replaced.

The stimulation from chewing with your new permanent tooth replacement in Hawthorne helps to preserve the bone and gum.

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Other tooth replacement options in Hawthorne, like dentures and bridges, do not have the added benefit of preventing bone and gum loss.


Hawthorne Tooth Implant Procedure
After the initial visit to our office in Hawthorne for a tooth replacement, you may have to return so the dentist can check on the implant's placement and ensure your gums are healing properly.  Any questions or issues you may have can be addressed with the dentist at this visit. While some patients have sensitivity in the area at first, most are comfortable within hours of the process being done. (If you are an exception to this rule, you are urged to contact our office immediately.)


In Hawthorne, tooth replacement options can be overwhelming and confusing. Give us a
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