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Teeth Replacement in Hawthorne, NJ

Multiple Tooth Implants in Hawthorne, NJ
There are many options for those who are seeking to replace multiple teeth in Hawthorne. Replacing teeth can be done with implants, dentures, or bridges. Traditionally, bridges are the most popular way to replace multiple missing teeth. However, there are a few disadvantages to choosing a dental bridge as compared to implants, including the following:


 Before a bridge can be placed in the mouth, the adjoining healthy teeth must be filed down so a cap can be placed on them.  These teeth are often weakened by this process, which can create more trouble in years to come. 
 A dental bridge can only replace teeth in certain situations. If the missing tooth has no healthy teeth nearby, there is nowhere to place the bridge. 
 Bridges do not maintain the health of gums and bones the way multiple tooth implants in Hawthorne will. 
 The estimated life of a dental bridge is 5 to 7 years, while implants last anywhere from 10 years up to 30 years.

Bridges are better than nothing at all, of course. However, if you are concerned with experiencing the least possible pain and with maximizing the positive results of the procedure, then you will want to opt for the long-lasting quality of dental implants.

Multiple dental implants in Hawthorne can be installed at the same time, as long as the patient is comfortable and the gums and bone can handle the implants. You can discuss your individual treatment plan with one of our dental professionals at your free consultation.

Sedation Dentistry
It's only normal to be nervous about replacing teeth, particularly if you are replacing multiple teeth. Often, patients who have neglected dental treatment over a period of time can be squeamish at the possibility. At HDA Dental Implants, we are happy to help our patients get past this fear. Inquire during your free consultation about local anesthesia or sedation during your procedure.

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